Mon 21 September 2015

A Day at the Races

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Demolition Derby Day

terran chronicles universe blog Demolition derbies are a blast to watch. Cars of all shapes and sizes race around a confined track, mashing into each other. Each driver attempts to keep their car running, so that they can cross the finish line first. Many cars get swept to one side, and end up stuck in protective mounds of dirt. Yet others find themselves hit so hard, that one part or another fails, rendering their vehicles 'out of the race'.

This year I paid special attention to one particular vehicle. Half Fast Racing's car number seven. Jeff and Austin own, operate, and drive this thing that barely resembles a vehicle anymore, around these tricky, and sometimes dangerous tracks.

terran chronicles demolition derby

terran chronicles demolition derby car

It was damn awesome watching this car, with my logo, racing around and around.

I shot some video, which I was going to post with this blog, but then I discovered that my efforts looked worse than a first draft of writing. I sent everything I have to an expert in England. Perhaps he can 'Frankenstein' something out of my mess.

Spoiler alert: Jeff commented that the car reminds him of the way the Terran looks in book four, 'Alliance'. You all thought the Terran got beat up in 'Discovery', you have seen nothing yet.

It was really exciting sitting in the crowd, and listening to comments about the race. Slowly, but surely, the Terran Chronicles Universe is being recognized as a brand all to itself. I am unable to shed any more light on the things to come, except to say, that this is but the tip of the iceberg.

Thank you all for your support.

Take it easy mates

James Jackson