Wed 11 September 2013

A day in my life as an Indie Author

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The glamorous routine of an Indie Author Day's in the life of.

terran chronicles universe blogI thought it was about time I shared with you all, how my days go by. So many blog posts are aimed at marketing and promotion, and although I enjoy reading and writing these, I really wanted to do something different this month. The benefit of writing one’s own blogs, is that you can indulge yourself from time to time.

Well let’s start at the beginning. Just like so many indie authors, I have a full time job. I simply do not sell the thousands of books each month required to support my lifestyle. Not yet anyway, says the dreamer in me. Oh, and when I say lifestyle, I don’t mean living in the Hampton’s either. My wife and I live in a small home, in a rural community of around ten thousand people. Actually, we sort of live in the woods. We have a well for our water, and if you look at our home via Google Earth, all you will see is trees. Even the street we live on, is barely discernable. Our place of work is a mere five miles away, while the roads near us offer great scenic drives and rides.

OK, where was I? Oh yeah work. Well I wake up at around eight in the morning, sometimes a little later, just a little mind you! I shave, shower, then usually by nine I am at my computer. I have just enough time to check sales, Email, Facebook, and Twitter. Sometimes I get to chat with Jason, my mate in the UK. We talk about websites, my writing, computer technology, his family, games. Lots of chat about games, we used to be hard core weekend gamers many moons ago. Friends would get together and play games like Total Annihilation, Command and Conquer, Descent, Transport Tycoon, and more, on our old Pentiums.

By nine thirty I am out the door, headed to work, after giving my sleepy wife a kiss, that is. I get home a little past six pm, then you guessed it. I check sales, Email, Facebook, and Twitter. I update my spreadsheet with the days sales, post on Facebook, Tweet, and cook something to eat.

Usually, by eight pm, I am relaxed, and ready to write. I listen to some quiet background music, while I tap away at the keyboard until my wife gets home from work. This can be anywhere from eleven pm till one am. I help her down the steps, talk excitedly about some new story element, then try to listen to her day. I am a man, so I don’t too well at the listening part, but I try!

I then crawl into bed, after checking sales, then repeat everything all over again. That is until my weekend, which unlike most folks, is Tuesday/Wednesday. My wife’s weekend is Monday/Tuesday. Thus Tuesday is ‘Our Day’. I don’t plan to write on ‘Our Day’, but I often do if we have nothing planned. My wife and I love to ride motorcycles, and Tuesday is a great day for this. Although she has her own bike, she often likes to hop on the back of mine. We usually ride up highway twenty-two, grab a bite to eat, then ride home. More often than not, Doug and Susie, our great friends, ride their bikes with us. Many a Tuesday finds the four of us cruising the scenic roadways of Northern Michigan. Another great ride is the Tunnel of Trees.  A couple of years ago, Doug and I took our bikes south, and rode the ‘Dragon’. I highly recommend this ride to any and all. Fantastic scenery, great curves, and awesome views.

Wednesday is supposed to be my big writing day, my wife, Jairis, goes to work around three thirty pm, which gives me eight hours of quiet time. Yeah right! We have four cats and a dog. Three of these cats love to come in and go out. Each cat requires their own individual door opening. So while trying to write I have cats scratching to come in, or go out. To top this off I am still an avid gamer, and sometimes the temptation is just too much.

With all this being said, I still average four thousand words a week. These words are either for my current work, notes for future installments, or things like this blog. When the winter snows arrive, I am supposed to get more writing done. But for some reason I seem to get more accomplished during fall, autumn for my old Aussie mates. :)

Take it easy mates.

James Jackson