Fri 21 March 2014

A Writers Holiday

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A Writers Holiday - Does it really exist in the Terran Chronicles Universe?

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As this month rolls by, I realize the small vacation with my wife, and two friends, is getting very close. We are going away, which means away from the computer I use to write my stories, blogs, and pretty much everything else. I imagine that I am like many writers, in that I have a lot of ‘things’ going on at once. So how will I find the time to have a holiday?

I am a small fry in the author world, and yet, still receive at least one hundred emails/notifications per day. Some days this hits two hundred. If basic math does not fail me, a ten day break equals a lot of email. I can only image a major author, but perhaps they no longer interact on social media, simply because there are too few hours in a day to keep up.

The solution to me is simple. I will have to take a laptop with me. But hang on, I am supposed to be on vacation. So the quandary begins. Do I take a laptop, keep up with email and maintain my social media presence? Or do I leave the laptop at home and let it go? Would I really relax, knowing what would be in store for me when I return?

I started this ‘writers path’ in 2010, and feel that I can never stop. It was always in my blood, but now that I have a real taste for it, I must write. My conclusion is rather obvious, the laptop goes on holiday with me. But I do plan to look up and enjoy the scenery from time to time, that’s a promise.

I am sure by now you are wondering where we are going. Well, the four of us hail from Michigan, which is as I write this, is a chilly nine degrees. (Fahrenheit) As you can imagine we are headed south, all the way to Alabama. Once there, we will be riding our motor bikes, which we will have to trailer down. We can only take two bikes, so the girls will have to ride on the back. I know my wife won’t mind, she will probably take a ton of pictures.

So a writer’s holiday, do they exist? I will find out at the end of the month how I fair being away from my passion. Don’t tell my wife, but I have installed plenty of software onto the laptop, just in case I have to write

Take it easy mates.

James Jackson