Mon 03 August 2015

Alliance release - Are you ready?

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Terran Chronicles - Initiation Series

terran chronicles universe blog For this month's blog, I shall indulge myself, and talk about the Terran Chronicles Universe.

The fourth book of the Terran Chronicles Universe releases on August 5th. This is a global release, such is the power available at the hands of the meekest of authors. The eBook version of this story will be available on Amazon, iTunes, and Smashwords on this day. Nook, Kobo, and Flipkart, will follow shortly thereafter.

Alliance took more than two years to write, and is my most ambitious effort to date. Many of the questions raised in the earlier books are answered, while new ones are raised. A new race is tentatively introduced, with but the barest of hints as to their origins, and even less is revealed about their current whereabouts.

What follows is a brief overview of what has transpired, and of what is yet to come.

Book One: 'First Contact' answers the question of whether or not we are alone in the universe when a fleet of damaged spacecraft use Earth as a repair and restock location. Humanity capitulates to this powerful force by providing resources, and volunteer workers. When the reptilian Gamin depart from Earth, they leave behind a partially built spacecraft, which we christen, 'Terran'.

This first story introduces the main cast of characters who play a variety of roles as the series unfolds. Teasingly few details are revealed about each person in this first book of the series.

Book Two: 'Discovery' is an action packed adventure that starts as expected, with the crew of the Terran exploring neighboring stars. Events beyond their control propel them twenty-two thousand light years from Earth, and into a Galactic War-zone. The crew meets new races, and discovers a Gamin derelict, as they make their perilous journey back to Earth.

Book Three: 'Colony' begins with an unexpected twist, one that shows who truly controls the Terran. Humanity establishes its first off-world settlement, and in the process learns much more of each other. Tantalizing clues of what is to come are sprinkled like stardust throughout the story. Colony is the calm before the storm.

Book Four: 'Alliance' begins as a simple mission to travel twenty-two thousand light years, back to the derelict, and then salvage all they can from it. Along the way, the crew of the Terran revisits old friends, and makes new friends. Foes, new and old, attempt to destroy the Terran. Cindy makes a fateful decision, one which leaves humanity's destiny hanging in the balance.

Book Five: Voknor Diaries is expected to make its debut in the later part of 2016. This is the last book of the Initiation Series, and deviates from the previous four. Whereas the previous stories focused primarily on the crew of the Terran, this story follows Regent Voknor's life, from his hatching thousands of years ago, to events beyond those in Alliance. Many compelling questions are answered, while others will forever remain a mystery.


To those who wish to tease themselves, visit Amazon or iTunes and read the first twenty percent of any of these stories on your Kindles and iPhones.

Take it easy mates.

James Jackson