Tue 14 April 2015

April is a special month to me

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Reflecting in the month of April

terran chronicles universe blogThe month begins with a volley of 'April fool's' jokes. Some of these puns are extremely witty and well thought out, others not so much. But rest assured, between Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and all the other social media that exists, we will get to see many of these practical jokes get played out. I rarely create any April fool's hoaxes, but who knows what the future holds.

In the Southern Hemisphere, April marks the beginning of Autumn, or Fall as it is better known in America. Conversely, for the Northern Hemisphere, April marks the end of Winter, and return to warmer weather. I relish these warmer days as I get to ride my motorbike along the scenic roadways of Northern Michigan.

Another hallmark day is 'Earth Day', a world-wide extravaganza in support of protecting the environment. Caring for our planet is not only a noble goal, it is essential for our future as a species.

For many religious faiths, Easter, which usually falls during April, is a significant event. Last year, my great friend Jason, created this video; 'Think Humanity - Happy Easter'.  This is a powerful video clip, one with a message for all.

Another important day for me is my wife's birthday. Each year I plan to do so much, and yet seem to do so little. Sadly, my ideas often exceed my ability, and means, but she knows I love for her. Luckily for me, she truly appreciates my zany thinking process, and supports my writing.

So what do all these events have in common? Reflection and Appreciation!

April reminds me to be appreciative of my friends, family, and the picturesque countryside which surrounds me. I also reminded at this time of all the support that I have received with my writing. I do not give back as often as I should, so this month I shall give thanks to those who are closest to me.

Jason, who has been my friend for many years, designs and maintains my amazing website. We also spend our spare time plotting the destruction of the world. (In various games)

Shannon reviews everything I write prior to it going live, well almost everything. She often sends me messages telling me she wishes she could edit ALL of my tweets and Facebook posts before I send them.

Jeff, and Leonard are close friends who also read and review my stories. These two have been with me from the start, and are still two of my most ardent supporters.

Doug is not only a great supporter of my work, we have spent many sunny days riding our motorbikes all over this great nation. A few years ago we rode the 'Tail of the Dragon'.  We will have to go back and do it all over again on our larger touring bikes. We have also ridden along the Gulf Coast in Alabama, and more recently we rode 2665 miles all over Florida.

JoDee Randall is not only a great friend, she is one of the busiest people I have ever met. She owns and operates 'Izzy Bitzy', a celebrity fashion site, 'Show Style Brands', a product placement agency that is working to place my books, and more.

I have a whole slew of writer friends who read my blogs, share my posts and tweets.

I shall begin with Robbie Cox, who I met during our recent Florida vacation. He is well known for his catch cry, 'The Mess That is me', and for his latest erotic novel, 'Losing Faith'.

Stephanie Neighbour is woman of great character. She has a fantastic blog and is also working on a collection of short stories which is expected to release soon.

Charity Parkerson is an award winning author who writes erotica novels. She has received numerous awards for her work, and is an avid supporter of my work, even though our two worlds will never collide.

Melissa Foster is a prolific writer of romance novels, and has done much to support me in my writing endeavors.

Vanessa Finaughty manages an impressive blog, while at the same time is writing the 'Wizards of Ends' series.

T S O'Neil is the author of the Blackfox Chronicles, a great crime series. I hope we go back to Florida next year, and I get a chance to meet Tim in person.

Gae-Lynn Woods is known for her catch phrase, 'Texas Crime Fiction - Some folks just need killin'. She is the author of the 'The Cass Elliot Crime' series.

Lydia Aswolf is an amazing social media brand manager. I read as much of her work as I can, and love her insights.

Annie Acorn is another woman of great character. I can almost hear her giggle when I refer to her as one of the girls in my tweets. She is an avid writer with many books to her name.

Andrea Ashen is a poet whose work 'More than Words; A Life Journey in Poems' is full of great insights.

There are so many others, such as Lorna Suzuki, Sarah Jones, Lisa Proulx, Pamela Sutherland, Kevin Swarbrick, and Ross Kitson, who continually support me. Indeed, my 'shortlist' of people who support my work is over two hundred names long.

To those I have failed to mention, please accept my apologies. If I kept going, this blog would simply turn into a massive list, as it is it looks like an index of who's who.


Take it easy mates.
James Jackson