Sat 07 February 2015

Embedded Marketing - Product Placement - Get Results with the Right Company

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terran chronicles universe blogProduct placement is the subtle, or sometimes not so subtle, inclusion of merchandise in a movie, photograph, or even in a book. An early example is in the novel, 'Around the World in Eighty days' where various transport companies made efforts to be mentioned.

Advertisers have constantly sought new and innovative ways to get the goods and services they represent in front of as many people as possible. While radio created some fresh prospects, the advent of television opened up a whole new medium. Advertisements began to appear before, and after, the shows played. It did not take long for advertising agencies to realize that other opportunities existed, thus embedded marketing was born. The latest movies are filled with numerous examples, ranging from the beer or soft drink that is being consumed, to objects which are in the background. When an actor opens up a laptop, the brand is often displayed, prior to the viewer seeing the movie related content on its screen.

Product placement has become an industry unto itself, so much so that companies exist today whose sole role is to have available a ready supply of products. If a movie director decides he wants a poster in the background, it will often be sourced via a product placement agency. The same applies for almost every imaginable product, from the car in the driveway, to the name of a magazine which rests on a table. These props can make or break a movie scene, thus directors usually take care not to overdo it.

Individuals, and companies alike, often pay to make sure that their merchandise is readily available. It is often difficult for individuals to approach a movie production company to offer their wares, thus specialized companies have arisen to fill the need.

One such company is Show Style Brands which is owned and managed by JoDee Randall. The list of television shows her company organizes placement for is impressive.

JoDee has been in 'Big Business' since 1990, when she launched her IzzyBitzy fashion line. Thus she is quite familiar with the retail scene's needs and wants. Her extensive list of contacts makes JoDee an ideal choice when seeking a company for product placement.

When looking for a company to handle embedded marketing consider their list of contacts before making any decisions. Business has always been about, 'who you know', and in the product placement industry, JoDee knows.

Who knows where product placement will be seen next? It already exists in video games, and is so prevalent on the internet that it is almost impossible to escape the constant barrage of advertisements.

Consider how often these kind of advertisements influence the purchase choices made by consumers. Do we purchase things we need? Or are we influenced by subtle but effective product placement?


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