Mon 01 June 2015

Embedded Marketing - Product Placement - Get Results with the Right Company Part II

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You need the right team behind you and that should include John Fluke

terran chronicles universe blog "Product placement is the subtle, or sometimes not so subtle, inclusion of merchandise in a movie, photograph, or even in a book."

 In February of this year I touched on JoDee Randall's company, Show Style Brands, and how she has successfully placed products in many television shows. I also mentioned her extensive list of contacts, and many friends.  John Fluke, the CEO of Placed4success, is one of these people.

John Fluke is a major player at getting products placed into television shows and movies. John, like JoDee, has an extensive list of contacts and clients, which incidentally, includes a number of authors. With John's connections, getting your product shown on world famous television shows is a real possibility.

Additionally, John lives mere minutes away from a number of film studios in California. This allows him to have plenty of face-to-face time with Set Decorators, and Prop Masters. Being 'on set' means that he is able to influence the exact placement of the products he represents, in relation to where the cameras are filming. This is simply amazing. John's knowledge and experience in the television world is most impressive.

John and JoDee work together in a tough product placement industry to achieve the best results for the products they represent. Their cooperative efforts serve to provide the best solutions possible for their clients.

We hope to get John Fluke working to place my books. If all goes well, they will start appearing on a number of television shows, and perhaps even into some upcoming movies.

I am extremely thrilled about what the future holds for my series. An exciting element to all of this, is that the movie producers, actors, and actresses will have access to my work. All it is going to take is for one of these movie studios to decide that they can make a profit from turning my books into movies, and then they will be on the big screen. I can only imagine what it must feel like to receive such a call.

These dreams of mine are not beyond the realms of possibility, they happen to people all the time. In the meantime I shall remain patient, and keep writing. I firmly believe that through persistence, and with the help of people like JoDee and John, that one day my time will come.


Take it easy mates.
James Jackson