Tue 03 June 2014

Family and Friends

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We all have to start somewhere and with perseverance, we can make our dreams come true.

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My Stepdaughter, Kayla, has been fascinated with cartoons for her entire life. When she said she wanted to be involved in the industry, her mother and I did what we could to support her endeavors.

She spent four years studying at the Chicago Institute of Art, then took the bold step of moving to New York in order to pursue her new career. During college, and these early days in New York, she had to work a variety of jobs in order to make ends meet.

The next few years saw Kayla's role move from being an animator to an associate producer. During this time she has been fortunate to work on projects for Disney XD, Netflix, Adult Swim, and more.

Kayla's passion extends beyond the studio, and after years of imaginative design she is slowly revealing to the world her own unique creations. One such serious endeavor is her Mustache Unicorns. I invite you all to take a peek at them on Tumblr.

Each Mustache Unicorn has its own story, and though they are all carnivorous, they can also be friendly and social. Their hatch from eggs, and while their favorite foods are bunnies and Jackalopes, they do eat plants as well. An interesting element of Kayla's Mustache Unicorn-Verse is that all the plants are alive, and I mean alive. The pumpkins are not too keen on being eaten.

Kayla continues to advance in her career and also in her own person journey of discovery. Due to her ongoing commitment to her passion, I expect that someday her efforts will become quite well known.

My friend, Jason, has been messing around with computers since the old Commodore 64 days. We became good friends during the 'Amiga years'. One of our crowning glories was the first network game of C&C on our IBM clones. To this day we chat and play games. In fact, we continue play a variant of a game called Transport Tycoon Deluxe.

The 1990's were a fantastic time. We worked together in the computer industry as consultants, sometimes for the same company, and other times not. We played computer games almost every weekend with a group of friends, and chased after private sector work. However all good things come to an end, and it was during this time that he followed his heart and moved to England.

As time marched ever onward, I found myself in America with my new Wife, and so far from the computer industry that I had to find something else to occupy my mind. Jason I still chatted almost every day, thanks to Skype, and between us concocted one crazy idea after another. While I ended up directing my energies into writing, Jason directed his efforts into become a true entrepreneur in the Computer Industry.

Jason's major skill sets include web development, design, SEO optimization, and a whole lot more. For a comprehensive guide of his services, I suggest a visit to his Web Design Company online.

The world we live in is an ever changing place and as an interesting note, the three of us utilize computers heavily in our diverse fields. Where will the future will take Kayla and her Mustache Unicorns, Jason with his Web Design and SEO contracts, and myself with my writing, is a mystery. But I can say that all three of us are enjoying the journey, and look forward to whatever happens next.


Take it easy mates.

James Jackson