Mon 04 February 2019

James Jackson - Introduction to Writing - Part 5

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Introduction to Writing – Part Five: My Writing Process

This post introduces the audience to my writing process where I briefly explore Publishing, Keywords, and Revisions; Post Publishing.


 TeamTerran with James Jackson ready for his speech at the MRA 2017 ConferencePublishing

Now we get to the most exciting, and yet nerve-racking, phase. Publishing!

Getting a publisher is tough, especially for any relatively unknown author. The large publishing companies, understandably, do not want to take unnecessary risks, especially as the eBook market is already eating heavily into their profits, so they usually stay clear of new authors.

So, what do we do?

There are many options available for authors to self-publish these days. Let me begin with the largest, Amazon. This company accounts for the largest percentage of my eBook sales. Publishing with Amazon is a fairly easy process too, and I could not be happier with their service. I won't get into the nuances of their programs, but I do suggest that anyone who is looking to publish, check out their various options.

I also publish directly to iTunes, instead of using an affiliate. To use their propriety software, I required a MacBook. The additional features, such as images inside the ePub file created, along with full control over key words, makes the effort worth it.

In addition to Amazon and Apple, I also use a company called Smashwords. They are another distributor of eBooks, which allows me to get my novels onto as many additional libraries as is possible. I am happy with my results from Smashwords, and even happier with their support team! There are other companies which provide the same kind of services, but I see no need to change my current set up.

When it comes to print copies, I chose Amazon's Createspace over other companies because of the obvious cross sell.  [edit] As of 2019 Createspace no longer exists and has been replaced by Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.



I will elaborate on key words. Each publishing company lists books based on their title, while allowing the author to add a few key words and phrases. When readers search for books, they will do so by using a specific search. If one of your key words matches, it may appear on the reader's list as an option to buy.


Revisions; Post Publishing

One benefit of the eBook era, is that writers are able to upload revised copies quite easily! Don't be afraid to replace a copy that has 'too many' mistakes. However many 'too many' is, well that's up to each individual author.

This process has taken years to develop, and as I mentioned earlier, is still evolving as we constantly try different things in the quest to produce the highest quality work possible.



This brings us to the end of Part Five!


Take it easy mates.

James Jackson