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James Jackson - Introduction to Writing - Part 6

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Introduction to Writing – Part Six: My Writing Process

This post introduces the audience to my writing process where I briefly explore the impact of Reviews and my closing statements


 TeamTerran with James Jackson ready for his speech at the MRA 2017 ConferenceReviews

The last topic I would like to cover is reader (or non reader) reviews, both positive and negative, and as I mentioned earlier, internet trolls.

You won't see me posting raving reviews about my work on Facebook or Twitter. Some people share these to showcase how much others love their work; however, I take a different approach. I'm not going to stand here before you and say, 'look at me! look at this review!' What I am going to say is, please leave a review so that I may learn.

There is no such thing as a bad review. All reviews are the thoughts and feelings of the reader, and as such they should be respected. If I see a poor review, I ponder its contents, while considering its merit from the reader's perspective. There have been occasions where I have taken action because of a review. Soon after releasing First Contact, I realized that I had made several critical mistakes, so I re-wrote the opening! The book cover to Joe's notes was also updated following a negative review!

On occasion reviews will feel directed and personal. There are people who hide behind the anonymity of the internet; and become what many call, internet trolls. They spend their time ramming their negativity down the throats of all they come across. Then once challenged, will often decry, 'free speech, free speech.' Never under any circumstances respond to a troll, no matter how well intended you are, they will use your statements against you, and rally more support.

I had a situation where a small group of people all posted one star reviews within minutes of each other. These people were moderators of a forum on Goodreads. You see, a well-intended fan put my book up for nomination as a book to be read; a few other fans joined the forum and voted. The moderators stated that I had manipulated the situation, and their response was to slam my book. One of the moderators directly asked me a question on the forum. When I answered, they replied, 'an author should never respond!' Had I not responded, what would the comment be? Who knows, but I can guess. Another went as far as to message some voters, demanding to know who they were. One poor gal, who incidentally lives in England, quit Goodreads. Another claimed that my story had infected her Kindle, and that she would have to take it to dinner. Now that one made me chuckle, that's her best date night! Besides the fact that she is not a verified purchaser, which puts her review in question.

However, in some cases, the reviewers are spot on! There are mistakes! One person told me my book was released too early, and needed more development. This was a great 'poor' review and helped me greatly.

The key thing here is not to panic, but instead, to own it, and fix it!



In Closing

We at #TeamTerran are constantly improving our process, in the quest to provide the best reader experience we can, and we will continue along this path.

Writing is full of highs and lows. I become ecstatic and yet nervous at each release of a new book. Early sales result in jubilation, and yet when I get a run of few sales, I become despondent.

In closing, I wish to express how honored I feel being here, sharing my humble experiences. I thank you all for listing to my ramblings, and if anyone has any final questions, I will take them.



This brings us to the end of Part Six and the culmination of these writing notes.


Take it easy mates.

James Jackson