Fri 09 May 2014

James Jackson's Quest for a Finishing Editor

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Progress in the quest for an Editor for the Terran Chronicles Universe

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I began writing the Terran Chronicles Universe series in 2010, and have been tweaking my writing and publication process ever since. Many times I have talked about being an indie author, and having limited resources at my disposal. One of the defining factors that differentiates many indie authors from professionals is the quality of their editing.

I am proud of my books, although, I also know that they would benefit from a professional grade edit. I will add that my current team does a wonderful job, and puts enormous hours into researching prose, style, and more. Like many authors, another set of eyes is needed for that final polish.

Up until recently, I had the benefits of an English teacher who tackled the final edits. Even though she was not a true editor, her efforts were gallant, and appreciated. With her services no longer being available, I am left with a conundrum. I do not sell enough books to cover the costs of an expert editor, and yet I cannot in good conscience release the next novel without this step.

I have visited many websites where editing services are offered, yet none have stood out as being 'right for me.' Another dilemma is one of simple economics. I will be able to get one book edited in around six month's time. But which one? The newest work, or the first book in the series?

Initially, the idea of editing the latest book appealed to me. People that are vested in the series should notice an improvement in the overall quality. However, by editing this book I doubt the series as a whole will see a jump in sales. This solution means that at the current rate of sales it will take two years before all the stories can be re-edited.

However, if the first book in the series is edited, then, thanks to the improved quality, there should be an increase in sales. If this is the case, the additional funds would allow for all the books to be re-edited sooner, rather than later.
Therefore, having the first book in the series edited, definitely seems like the best option.

I was just about to finalize this blog when I was contacted by a journalist friend who does freelance editing. I had not wanted to impose on them, but the minute they saw my need they typed 'Ahem... raises hand...'

So, with a single post on my Facebook wall, almost all my issues are resolved. We still have some finer points to figure out, but at this stage we look set to start the re-editing process in a couple of months. These edits will take as long as they need to, in order to provide the highest quality work we can.

Once these are done, I plan to begin submitting the eBooks to publishing companies. This is the next step in moving from an indie author to a full-fledged writer. Getting published in paperback or hardcover would solidify my standing as an author, and move closer to the ultimate goal of having the series turn into movies.

To be sure, these are lofty goals and ambitions, and I have set my sights high. I continue writing, and do whatever it takes to achieve my dreams.


Take it easy mates.

James Jackson