Tue 28 June 2016

Mamluk - Book Release

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 Mamluk – Emergence

terran chronicles universe blog It is the middle of 2016, and Team Terran have achieved another milestone. Mamluk is complete!

It was mid 2013 when Mamluk was first conceptualized, and then shelved as my focus shifted back to the Terran Chronicles Universe. This proved to be a great decision, as my brand continues to gain recognition thanks to the yearly release of a new novel in the series. Even though the writing of Mamluk was on hold, I was still able to discuss various elements and features with a handful of close friends, and make notes.

pure michigan mamluk

An additional incentive to write Mamluk came in April 2014, when I received a call from a Marketing manager in Amazon. We talked for almost an hour, and discussed many options. One of the key points was getting my work into print, which has now been done. Another was the writing of a novel which could be utilized as an Amazon exclusive venture. Mamluk was pulled from the archives, and is the end result of a lot of hard work, and patience. This completes another key point from the discussion.

As part of the pre-release program, I rode my motorcycle around Lake Michigan, delivering advance reader copies to a select few friends. This was a 986 mile ride, during which time I posted a few pictures of my trek to Twitter, under #TeamTerran.

The stage is now set for success.

Mamluk releases on Amazon's scout program at the end of June, and will be available for people to read and nominate throughout July. Once the results are in, we at 'Team Terran' will decide upon the story's fate.

Mamluk Synopsis:
A lone Gen 5 Mamluk, one of the many variants of the Empire's disposable, and secret, shock troops, wakes from stasis to find himself on a damaged shuttle. Locating a planet and landing is easy, compared to repairing the damage. Avoiding the locals, and surviving, grows more difficult as time passes. A forged pact and a betrayal, leave him barely alive. His time spent in stasis healing, increases his knowledge. Learning more than any of his kind before, he emerges more than just a weapon.

Many may notice a crossover between 'Mamluk' and the 'Terran Chronicles Universe'. Indeed, that is true!

The latter events in Mamluk take place approximately two thousand years before the Gamin visit Earth, a time when the Atlan Protectorate is still an isolationist empire. The Protectorate is not to be confused with the Atlan Empire, who is at war with the Gamin, as they are separate entities at this time. As the Terran Chronicles Universe Unfolds, and reveals itself to the world, the timeline and storylines will become clearer.

I do hope you have all enjoyed this little teaser.


Take it easy mates.

James Jackson