Tue 04 April 2017

March Madness for the Terran Chronicles Universe

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Speaker at the MRA, met great people and released a 6th novel

terran chronicles universe blog March is a crazy busy month for us at #TeamTerran.

First of all, we released the fifth book of the series, 'Voknor Diaries', along with its companion short story, 'Sharz Affect'. To top this off we released the 'Initiation Series' compilation, which includes the five main novels, five short stories, and two journals. At around 600,000 words, this is a massive eBook. This book released at an absurdly low price, for the event, and though the month of April, will be incrementally raised until it reaches its final price point.

 TeamTerran with James Jackson ready for his speech at the MRA 2017 ConferenceWe did this to coincide with the Michigan Reading Associations 61st annual event, at which I was a guest speaker. I had two session times and a book signing, all of which were so much fun. Well, I will admit that I am not an experienced public speaker, in fact, the first session, was my first time!

TeamTerran celebrations after Day 1 finished at the MRA 2017 ConferencePeople interacted, asked questions, and generally enjoyed my material. The first thing I did when I got back home was to update my speech for next time. Where I saw that I was losing people, I cut it down; where people engaged and asked questions, I have incorporated the common questions.
This event was a blast. My great friend, Jason, flew over from England, while Jeff and Shannon took time out to attend as well, making this a great time for #TeamTerran. We enjoyed a celebratory dinner with other supporters, and had a wonderful time.

Letting down what hair Jason has with some target practice at Shooters with James JacksonI met some wonderful people at the event, and have been invited to present my work at a school, where my books are being introduced to a science fiction class.

Towards the end of the month we dropped Mamluk's price to zero! The story is an Amazon exclusive, and enrolled in the kindle unlimited program. It was fun watching the hundreds upon hundreds of downloads. Hopefully some of these people leave a review, that I discover how they felt about the story.

James Jackson with Jason Williams at the 45th ParallelWe are also busy compiling and updating the eBooks that are on iTunes, and adding the new content. All in all, a busy time for all.

Now to the part you are all waiting for... When do I get back to writing? I will get back to the series before the end of the year, but first, will I considering dabbling in a few children's stories. These would be a deviation from my usual science fiction, and aimed at younger audience. Or will I delve into the dark pits of a horror story? These projects are still in their infancy, but on the table for consideration.

So, at the end of the day, yes, I am back to writing full swing. But as for what I am writing, well, I would like to keep that as a surprise for now.


Take it easy mates.

James Jackson