Thu 02 January 2014

National Science Fiction Day

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The start of a New Year and reflecting on the past.

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January 2nd is the claimed birthday of Isaac Asimov, a prolific and renowned science fiction writer. He, Robert A Heinlein, and Arthur C Clark, have been referred to as the 'big three' when it comes to writing. In my October 2013 blog, I paid homage to these greats, and others, for the inspiration they continually provide me.

January is also the start of a new year, and as such, is the time of the year that many look to the past. We review our failed goals, along with our successes. Many of us then turn our attention to the future, and in doing so often create 'New Year's resolutions'. Some are realistic, while others are flights of fancy. However each and every one provides a little insight into the person behind them.

For me, this is a time of year to review where I am with my writing goals. It's also the time of year I look to the source of my greatest inspiration, other science fiction writers, past and present. One day I hope to be a household name, and to stand alongside these deans of sci-fi. This is my fanciful new year's resolution each year, and partly why I write. I firmly believe that the only way to succeed is to keep writing. Failure to me, is to put my pen down, and that is not an option.

So while I look back, I reflect on Isaac Asimov, and recall his humble beginnings. Will I be able to emulate the hundreds of books he produced? I seriously doubt it. But, can I leave my mark in the world of science fiction? Now that is a distinct possibility.

With each and every novel and short story, I learn new skills, which are beginning to show in the end products. Readers of my latest work, 'Colony', have already commented on its smoother flow, and easier reading style. Will I go back and revisit the earlier novels? Well, that's another new topic, and one that I am sure will be covered a time or two in within these blogs. I continually study the craft of writing, take what works for me, and use it.

Even as I reflect on the old greats, I also look to current science fiction writers, for fresh inspiration. I read their books, and watch their stories when they become movies. Who can say which indie sci-fi author is going to be the next big hit. Will it be my turn one day? Will I get to truly inspire others to read, and perhaps write? I really hope to leave a legacy that others enjoy.

For my words to fade into obscurity would be the greatest shame of all. But can they stand the test of time? That is the challenge that faces every writer, and one that I am tackling head on. So, with little ado, I shall turn my attentions to my next story in the hopes that it provides entertainment for all that read it, and that I may be remembered.


Take it easy mates.

James Jackson