Wed 18 January 2017

Planning Ahead and Embracing Change

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 Terran Chronicles Universe Update - Looking ahead to 2017

terran chronicles universe blog I hope you all had a great Christmas, and have started 2017 safe and sound.

2016 has been a fantastic year for #TeamTerran. The year saw many of our plans fall into place, along with the commencement of new ideas; some rather long term ideas.

Here is the summary of the many projects that have been ongoing throughout 2016!

The 'Print Book' project was completed in 2015, thus giving us all of 2016 to review the success of those efforts. A complete year of statistics is important to us, and showcases the ups and downs of sales trends. The print books continue to do well locally, with a few selling here and there via Amazon. All in all, this has been an excellent experience, and one which has taught all of us at #TeamTerran many valuable lessons.

The 'Emergence Tour' was a fantastic success. To commemorate the release of 'Mamluk' I rode my motorbike around Lake Michigan. 965 Miles in two days! Along the way, I dropped off 'Advanced Reader Copies' to a number of people. I posted pictures of the trek on Twitter, tagged as #TeamTerran, with a few pictures making it to Facebook. By the end of the tour, hundreds of people were waiting for pictures of the 'next stop'. It was an awesome experience, and great publicity. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Now to the writing. Book five of the Terran Chronicles Universe, and the last book of the 'Initiation Series', is running behind its originally planned release date. But never fear, it is expected to be ready as an eBook in January, and as a print book in February of 2017. We are not rushing our works to meet imaginary deadlines, and will continue to release the highest quality of work possible.

On the advertising side, the 'Product Placement' project is drawing to a close, and is unlikely to continue in 2017. More than 250 books now sit in various studios in Los Angeles, which in itself is a fantastic success, and testimony to the efforts by the companies involved. Unfortunately, due to marketing budget constraints, our advertising budget for 2017 will be reallocated to new projects.

Another long-term project which is also ending soon, is the 'Secret Code' feature. This feature has been a part of our series since the release of 'First Contact' in 2012. During the first quarter of 2017 we will be uploading revised eBook's, without the code, and stripping the associated elements from the website. This was a cool feature, one whereby readers could take the code from the end of the main novels, then go to, enter the respective code, and then read the associated short story online, for free! This is a great concept, and continues to show measurable

success, but it does so at the cost of tying up valuable time, and resources, of our Website Management Team in the United Kingdom. Their efforts are to be redirected to a new, fantastic, and massive, project in 2017!

I keep referring to 2017, and the promise of new things! Well here they are, and it is exciting.

Okay, I won't keep you in suspense! Our website is due for an overhaul, one which will take all of the UK team's efforts. This will commence early in 2017, with an expectation of being completed by early March, just in time for the special event mentioned next.

The Michigan Reading Association has invited me to be a guest speaker during their 61st annual conference in Grand Rapids. This conference runs from March 10th through to March 13th. I am currently scheduled to speak on the 12th, for two one hour sessions. We hope to have our core #TeamTerran members at this event, including Jason from England. We will share more details about this exciting event as the time draws nearer.

Yes, we have another amazing plan for 2017. One which coincides with the previous plans. The entire 'Initiation Series' will be bundled into an eBook compilation, and offered at a massive discount for the week of the event! After the event is over the price will progressively scale up to its standard price point. This initial release is the cheapest it will ever be, with no plans to ever discount it as heavily again; so keep an eye out, so you can buy your copy.

Back on the writing front, which is what I actually do! 'Remnants', Book Six of the Terran Chronicles Universe, which is Book One, of the 'Survival Series', is in the works. We expect this story to be completed, and released, before the end of 2017.

Well ladies and gentlemen, I hope this showcases what we at #TeamTerran have been up to; a lot of behind the scenes work, much of which will soon come forth.


Take it easy mates.

James Jackson