Tue 27 January 2015

Recap of Terran Chronicles 2014 and what’s coming for 2015

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2014 was a great year for Team Terran

terran chronicles universe blogThe short stories, 'Jie's World' and 'Emma's Legacy', were completed and released. Emma's Legacy is the second of three special Journal style works; it offers an insight into events far in the future.

2014 saw a behind the scenes transition for the Apple/iTunes versions of my work. The major reason for going direct was to gain a greater control of my eBooks on the iTunes platform. We were successful. Release times have dropped from weeks, to days.

Another major initiative for 2014 has been the start of the conversion process to print versions of the Terran Chronicles Novels. We are using CreateSpace, an Amazon company, for these books. As a part of this process the main novels' associated short story is being included with each book.

Book One, 'First Contact', with 'Johnny's Jaunt', is now available in print.

We at 'Team Terran' have huge plans for 2015.

'Discovery' is well on the way to being available in print, while 'Colony' is not too far behind. The expectation is that these books will be available during the first quarter of the year.

Book four of the Terran Chronicles Universe, 'Alliance', is almost ready. Though the bulk of the writing was finished long ago, the tweaking and finer points are still being polished. This book is full of adventure, and from a story line perspective, my most ambitious work to date. The expectation is that this book will be available on all platforms in April.

A major event that is planned for 2015 is a public book signing in Manistee, Michigan. We are aiming at April, and will provide an exact date, and location, as the time approaches.

Mamluk is another work planned for 2015. This is a stand-alone story that exists inside the framework of the Terran Chronicles Universe. There is no requirement to have read any other work prior to delving into this story. Additionally, those who love the series, do not have to read this story. It truly sits apart.

To put Mamluk into perspective, First Contact takes place in the year 11,990 of the Atlan Protectorate's calendar.

Here is an early teaser...

It is the year 7,578 of the Atlan Protectorate, and the time of Emperor Tyron. The Protectorate is an isolationist empire, one that encompasses thousands of worlds within the galactic core. Its borders are so heavily guarded that no spacecraft has ever broached its defenses, nor returned from whence they came. The vast majority of its trillions of people go about their daily routines, blissfully unaware of the politics involved in maintaining their extensive empire.

The Protectorate's leadership maintains a distant watch over the Atlan Empire. Apart for the issuance of the twelve prophesies long ago, of which one is revealed every thousand years, the Protectorate takes great effort not to interfere with any of its galactic neighbors. The Protectorate's goal of a slow expansion and non interference seem at odds with each other. Yet it has worked all this time to keep the empire safe from invasion.

Take it easy mates.

James Jackson