Wed 09 July 2014

Social Media Friendships. Online Gaming, Facebook, Twitter, Linked, and more

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Are social media friends, friends...  I think so.

terran chronicles universe blogMany years ago my wife and I started playing World of Warcraft, a game we played for almost seven years. Over the course of these years we became good friends with a number of other players. We used Ventrilo, a voice chat program, in order to communicate with each other as we played. Roll forward ten years, and even though I have not meet these people face to face, thanks to our many chatting sessions and the phenomenon that Facebook has become, I feel as though I know many of these people extremely well.

Are social media friends, true friends? Well we don't go out on social gatherings together, yet chat daily thanks to the digital age we live in. In fact I spend less time with many of my face to face friends, than I do with many of my long distance friends! Sure I go for motor cycle rides, or meet for dinner here and there, but I do not chat daily with my local friends. For me, I do feel that I am friends, and not just associates, with many of my social media mates.

A few years ago I switched from gaming to writing, and in doing so discovered more great people, whom I now call my friend. As an indie author much of my social media interaction is definitely for marketing purposes, but not all of it. As I get to learn more about my colleagues, I have developed a fantastic rapport with quite a few.

So instead of my usual ramblings, I present to you three great social media mates of mine.

Stephanie Neighbour

With little ado I wish to introduce author, Stephanie Neighbour, a woman who inspires others, and whom I respect greatly. What drew me to Stephanie was her honest, and sometimes blunt way of looking at life. Reading through Stephanie's blog posts is both entertaining, and informative.

She is a caring woman who gives to the world more than she takes, which is another fine attribute. Then I discovered that she rides a motorcycle, and like my wife, sports tattoos, and while I have dogs, she loves her dogs more than she likes some people. I do hope that one day we can all take our motorcycles and ride through some iconic location. With the way Stephanie looks at life, I can't wait to see how her new book turns out, and I eagerly await its upcoming release.

Robbie Cox

My second author friend I wish to introduce, is none other than the renowned Robbie Cox, the creator of 'The Mess That is Me'.  Robbie's other works can also be found on Amazon.  I enjoy reading Robbie's musings on his Facebook page, and often find myself either chuckling at his humor, or nodding my head as I read his words of wisdom.   Robbie is a family man and many of his posts involve his family's adventures.

Vanessa Finaughty

The third author friend of mine is Vanessa Finaughty.  She is an avid writer who is making her mark across an array of styles. Vanessa has an avarice for short stories, and does them well.  I find Vanessa's tweets and posts to often be thought provoking. She has been interviewed by many and is quite a popular figure. Not only is Vanessa my third mention for this blog post, but she is about to release her third book in the 'Legends of Origin' has just been released. Check out the series on Smashwords. Series.

Take it easy mates.

James Jackson