Tue 08 December 2015

Terran Chronicles 2015 Recap and 2016 Plans

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How was 2015 and where is Terran Chronicles going in 2016

terran chronicles universe blog 2015 has been an amazing year for the Terran Chronicles Universe. Team Terran has been busy.

The fourth book of the series, 'Alliance', along with its companion story 'End of Times', were released.

The first four books of the series are now available in print, via Amazon and CreateSpace. The short stories have been bundled with the main novels as bonus material. The only works not in print are the two journals. They will not go into print until the third Journal, 'Golward's Findings', is written. The current plan is to bundle these three stories in one book. This third Journal is slated to be released soon after book seven, so it will be a while. Even the title for book seven is a closely guarded secret at this time.


WThe summer months saw a local demolition derby car carrying the Terran Chronicles Universe logo. It was a great to see the car going around and around the track, and to listen to the spectator's comments.

In addition to this steps have been taken to get the books shown on a variety of television shows. JoDee Randall, the CEO of Show Style Brands, has been working with John Fluke in Los Angeles, to this end. This process takes considerable time, and we expect to be able to showcase some of these placements in 2016.

The four books are now available at a few local libraries for people to read and enjoy. Manistee, Ludington, and some local satellite libraries have these copies. So if you live near these towns, go on down and check out the series.

The story, 'Mamluk', was originally planned for a Dec 2015 release, but will now be an early 2016 venture. Although this story is built within the framework of the Terran Chronicles Universe, it is a standalone. While the main novels range from 80,000 words to 105,000 words, and the short stories 10,000 to 15,000, Mamluk will peg itself in between these, at slightly over 50,000 words.

Sales have steadily climbed, as they have done year on year. The increased exposure is making a noticeable difference. It was amazing to watch the sales roll across the globe during the release of 'Alliance'. Thanks to the growing fan base, the series has sold in the following countries; America, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom, via Amazon, Apple, Kobo, and Smashwords.

With the series hitting all the right metrics this year, 2016 could very well be our breakout year!

To aid this endeavor, we will be releasing a new story, 'Mamluk', onto Amazon's scout program. This is a standalone story, and if all goes well will be available early in the year. We have to wait to see the results of this scout program before we determine the future for this story.

Team Terran has a lot of plans in place for 2016. These are all geared towards improving the visibility of the series, and myself as the author.

Product placement efforts will continue, and be ramped up. At the same time additional libraries will be supplied with the books that are available. There are other initiatives in place, which will be revealed as the year progresses.

The final book of the 'Initiation Series', 'Voknor Diaries', along with the short story, 'Sharz Affect', is slated for an end of year release. There is still debate with the Team Terran camp as to whether or not these stories are bundled into one package for a special release. This story answers many questions, about the Gamin race, and in particular Regent Voknor's clan and his decisions.


Take it easy mates.

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