Sun 24 September 2017

Terran Chronicles - Where does the time go?

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Sept 2017 already - So much to do

terran chronicles universe blog I can’t believe it’s been six months since the last blog!  What used to be monthly event, became quarterly due to our hectic schedule. But now, it has been far too long! Well, #TeamTerran plans to address this issue, and return to regular blog posts. At the very least we are planning one for each quarter, with more in-between if something special arises.

Firstly, let’s begin with what we have been up too! The Terran Chronicles Website has been updated, thanks to Jason, and now includes links for all print books and eBooks, on all platforms. While we were at it we updated some other areas of the site, and are in the initial planning stages of a complete overhaul of the site. At the earliest this will begin mid to end of 2018. We at #TeamTerran like to plan ahead!

We also updated the series data on Smashwords and Amazon! Take a peek!

 TeamTerran with James Jackson ready for his speech at the MRA 2017 ConferenceAfter attending the Michigan Reading Association's 61st annual event, #TeamTerran were all on cloud nine. Based on the positive feedback received during the event I modified my speech to take into account what #TeamTerran learned from the experience.

I spent the next few months working on a political piece, but after much debate, along with reader feedback, I decided not to release this article. It’s 5500-words, but required extensive research, and thus a lot of time. The intention was to have this be a thought provoking piece, but unfortunately, no matter how I reworded and restructured various sections, it did not come across as if I were a neutral observer.  Perhaps one day it will see the light of day, but for now, it’s archived.

Grand Tour - An epic 6284 mile adventure

In June of this year I rode my motorbike across the country to visit my mother, all the way from Manistee Michigan, to Salem Oregon, and back. Jairis came with me on this 6284-mile epic adventure, which included visiting Sioux Falls, The Badlands, Custer State Park, Devils Tower, The Tetons, Yellowstone, and more. Along the way we visited a few friends, and enjoyed mother nature. This cross-country tour included dodging snow storms, hail, and rain squalls. We were mostly successful, but did get hailed on twice, and rained on a few times, but as for the snow, well, we only saw that on the side of the road!



The Writers Corner - The new hideaway yet to be realised

writers computer Another major setback to my writing is my once trusty computer. It’s seven years old, and until recently had been extremely reliable. Between motherboard issues, the death of a video card, and the total loss of data on two SSD drives, I am reluctant to do too much on this computer. Thus, I have been building a new machine, one I expect to use for the next ten years! But, I have run into another hitch!

While my old computer has an intel i7 CPU, with an Nvidia graphics card, this time around I decided to go with AMD, and purchased an 1800x Ryzen CPU with plans for a Vega Graphics card. That’s the hitch. I was online as the new Vega 64 liquid cooled graphics cards were released. The second they came online, they read as ‘out of stock’. I have yet to find a liquid cooled Vega card I can buy, (for anything less than a ludicrous price) and am now waiting on the release of the ROG Strix VEGA64; an air cooled, overclocked, video card from Asus. Perhaps this is a blessing in disguise. Thus, a beautiful 32 inch, 10 bit, 4K monitor, from Samsung, sits on my floor, still in its box, right next to the new machine, albeit without its video card.

Once this new computer is operational, I shall get back into writing! 


A Sneak Peak

A Sneak Peak of some new work by James JacksonWhen it comes to the serous writing, I have two works planned. The first is to be expected, Remnants, Book six of the Terran Chronicles Universe, and book one of the survival series.
Here is an unedited teaser. (By the way, this kills my editors...)

Cindy gazes at the front of the Terran as she recalls another of Golward's initiatives. She motions ahead as she says, "Like the way he incorporated the naming of our vessel."

"Exactly!" Joe replies.

Emma frowns in confusion, then asks, "What about the name?"

Joe shakes his head as he recalls the conversation he had with Golward, and the long debate about them remaining innocuous. Joe won the debate, and proudly replies, "The name Terran is not merely painted on the hull, it's actually a series of colored emitters that can be activated or deactivated. When we turn them on, we are literally broadcasting our name to all nearby vessels."

Emma gasps, "Is that wise?"

Cindy leans forward and replies with a grim determination, "I want the Atlans to know who they face."

Robert McKnight strides onto the bridge, and having arrived at the end of the conversation, says, "Oh, they will know! This ship is packed with weapons, and the power to use them."

Joe pats his console as he proudly adds, "Kord shields, hardened armor, secondary hull systems, and an abundance of power, the likes of which we have never seen before. We're ready!" He adds boldly.

Another Teaser

"Unknown vessel on approach to New Earth. Identify yourself!" Walker stares at the console on his desk, blankly, and waits for a reply.

The Kord space station had detected the vessel moments ago, and already it is far too close for his liking. His instincts tell him something is wrong, and he is a man who follows his instincts.

When there is still no reply, he contacts the Kord space station, and says, "Prepare all weapons."

"We have limited power, but we will put up a good fight!" Replies the Kord Administrator.

The mountain top defenses raise up from their concealed bunkers for the first time since their installation. Though these kinetic weapons are obsolete by Gamin and Kord standards, Walker is willing to throw everything he has at his disposal at any aggressor.

Staring out the windows he watches as three Gamin craft lift off; all they are able to launch at this time. Walker vows to train more people in the use of Gamin systems. He feels woefully unprepared, and shakes his head as the Gamin craft disappear into the clouds. None are fully functional, and with their skeleton crews, they are more of a show piece than combat effective. A flurry of activity catches his attention. He sighs as he sees a group of people running across a street. Why they waited until now to make their mad dash baffles Walker, he had ordered the streets cleared ten minutes ago.

Gustav contacts Walker from the Kord station, and says, "I hope this is not the Atlans! But if it is, we have to take them out before they contact any others."
"I am ordering all units to open fire the moment it enters our system." Walker states.

The unknown vessel continues to approach New Earth at many times the speed of light, and shows no sign of slowing, nor is it responding to communications.

"One minute to weapons range!" Gustav reports.

The three Gamin craft array themselves around the space station, their weapons and shields ready.

The vessel slows to sub-light speeds well inside weapons range, and is immediately targeted by dozens of weapons.

 This story will not be completed until well into 2018, as I am working on another project; a mystery/horror story. This one I am keeping the details close to my chest at the moment, but when the time is right, we will announce details!.

I also have a special event lined up for October, which will be shared in the next blog post.

Take it easy mates.

James Jackson