Sat 04 August 2018

The Last Blog and what's new with Terran Chronicles

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Moving into the future - Terran Chronicles is coming to Youtube - Channel Expansion

terran chronicles universe blog Over that last few years written blogs have been replaced by video blogs as the preferred means for sharing thoughts and ideas. As a person who is quite camera shy, I have resisted the trend of these video blogs. Well, resistance is futile, and thus, I am writing this one last blog. The blog to end all blogs, as it were!

Who knows what the future holds though, perhaps we will add pen to paper once again, but for now, this is it. So, with little ado, I shall begin.



 TeamTerran with James Jackson ready for his speech at the MRA 2017 ConferenceAlthough I am the writer, #TeamTerran is how I view the efforts which reach the public. The team has seen many people come and go. Some provided their input and suggestions for mere small sections of a chapter, others for an entire book or two. The early efforts of some have long since been surpassed by newer revisions and edits. A project we conducted in 2017 in preparation for the Michigan Readers Association (MRA) event, where I was a guest speaker, saw every book receiving an overhaul. This review was a mammoth undertaking, and saw no less that 650,000 words being examined, while at the same time new works were being prepared.

As at the time of this writing we have published close to three quarters of a million words, plus written more than fifty blog posts!

I am extremely proud of #TeamTerran and wish to offer a special acknowledgment for those who have stayed with this long-term venture.

Jason Williams listened to my early ideas, and then spent hundreds upon hundreds of hours working on our evolving website. All of which he did out of his own pocket! To this day, Jason is the primary reason we have such amazing book covers, website artwork, and videos, most of which he sourced or created.

Shannon Ostrander has been my initial editor since day one! She refused me at first, then finally I was able to convince her to try. Her skills have improved with time, as she gains the experience and knowledge required to become more effective. She has on occasion flatly told me that sections were 'no good', and thus required complete rewriting. I even listen, mostly... Her passion and dedication to this venture is simply amazing!

Jeff Bradley is my second line of defense, adding his thoughts, ideas, and concepts to the various stories which I present. His insight and ideas often become placeholders for key events. Sometimes I think Jeff becomes as engaged and excited about the stories as I do!

All three of these people are the reason I am the writer I am today. With Jason living in England, we do not meet often, other than via social media. It is my honor to have such support, without which I doubt I would still be writing!

Shannon, Jeff, and I often sit down together to hash out ideas on how to promote the works. A summary of some of the things we have tried is below.

We experimented with product placement, during which time around 250 books were sent to Los Angeles so that they could be used as props in television shows and movies. Sadly, to this day, there is not a single episode of any show where they can be seen, and thus we stopped funneling funds into that venture.

A few of the local libraries have some of my books, and based on usage, are well read. We plan to expand on this soon by providing the existing libraries with updated versions, including books four and five of the series. We are also considering expanding the number of libraries our works are in.

Andy Schoenborn, who I met at the MRA event, invited me to spend a day at Mount Pleasant High school last year. During the day, 'First Contact' was presented to a number of students as an example of my work. The day's workshops were a great way for the students to share their efforts, and to ask questions. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and plan to do this again.

We have expanded our reach and audience with the opening of First Contact being narrated by Matt Barnes. We have commissioned a video opener and look forward to seeing how that looks.


Enough of the past, it's time to showcase the future Terran Chronicles Universe

'Augmented Reality' is slated for an August release on Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) program. We did this with Mamluk and found the experience positive. To this day Mamluk is an Amazon exclusive work, as will 'Augmented Reality' be.

'Eclipse 2024 – Extinction' is progressing slower than expectations but should release at the end of 2018 or early 2019. This work will follow the path of 'Mamluk' and 'Augmented Reality' and join them as Amazon exclusives.

We are also in negotiations to write a story based on true events. These events occurred almost ten years ago, and forever changed the lives of many people. The story is from the perspective of one of these ladies. This is perhaps the most ambitious effort to date, as we must maintain the integrity of the real-life events, while writing a story which engages the readers.

'Remnants' – Book six of the Terran Chronicles Universe, and book one of the 'Survival Series' will be worked on during the latter part of 2019. We plan to roll through books six through ten without interruption. Another truly ambitious plan!

So, there we have it! This is what #TeamTerran has been up to, and what our literary plans are for the future!

The next time we meet, it will probably be via a video blog!



Take it easy mates.

James Jackson