Wed 14 October 2015

The World Did Not End

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Making a Positive from a Negative

terran chronicles universe blog Well here we are; it's October 2015 and the world did not end last month as so many people had predicted.

The same can be said for indie authors, artists, musicians, and others who are deemed to be non-professionals in their hobbies or work. When a person posts a bad review of their work, the stars will still shine in the night sky, and the sun will still rise the next day. This also applies to work that is released, and then after the fact, mistakes are noticed or brought to their attention. The world will not end!


Let me share a recent experience of mine. I proudly released book four of my series, 'Alliance', after more than two years of effort. A group of dedicated individuals, #TeamTerran, got to work and caught numerous mistakes, plot holes, typos, and more. After everything was perfect, (okay, that is subjective) I excitedly released the eBook and got working on the print version.

During work on the print version a number of minor mistakes came to light. I quickly corrected these and uploaded a new eBook to all platforms. Phew, I had averted a disaster, or so I had thought... I approved the print book and then went on with my marketing efforts. But alas, the print book has errors... too many errors. Remember though, the world will not end... but it did for me, for a moment.


I immediately took action, which is key. I did not sit back and say, well it was the best it could be at the time, NO!

Instead of trying to find out where or how the mistakes occurred, I began working on a solution. The eBook update was easy, the print book has special concerns. You see, this book is scheduled to go for Product Placement, this month. Well, it dawned on me that I can turn this negative into a positive.

Next month will quietly see the print version of Alliance updated. There will be no fanfare, no fuss, just a quiet replacement. The copies that exist right now will become a rarity. I will get the sixty I need, and offer them as a 'Production Placement' edition. Each book will come with an authenticity note, acknowledging that it is a limited print run, one that contains a number of errors. For those who do not want this edition, that is fine, the updated version will soon be available for them as well.

So there we have it. Product Placement will get their copies, and I will have a limited edition run to offer, 'warts and all'. The World did not End.


To all those who bravely display their efforts for the world to see, do not be afraid if mistakes are discovered. Hold your head high, and even put your hand in the air, and say, "Yes, that was me!" Own the mistakes! Fans appreciate honesty, and even those who would slam theses 'mistakes', have little to go on, especially if you are already acknowledging the issues.

It Take it easy mates

James Jackson