Tue 29 March 2016

‘What Lies Beyond’ - Turning 50

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Half a century of living and following my dreams

terran chronicles universe blog I was born on December 31st, 1965, thus at the end of last year, I turned 50!.

I do not feel 50, but then what is it supposed to feel like? I am fairly fit and healthy, to which I have to credit genetics, as I exercise rarely. I also eat all sorts of junk food, but then what writer does not eat junk food? My nemesis is chocolate, and cookies, along with soft drinks.

On the fitness side of things, I am able to run down the beach, or walk for miles, with the only issue being my knees which creak and groan. They, like many of my joints, are becoming painful as time wears on. The price to pay for adding another year to my life's history I suppose.

Fifty is a milestone! Half a century of living. I was too young to notice the space race, but just the right age to enjoy books. Libraries were my friend as I devoured book after book. I read works by Enid Blyton, and can still vividly recall the Faraway Tree Series, the many adventures of the Famous Five, and more. I soon moved onto reading stories by Arthur C Clarke, Robert Heinlein, and Isaac Asimov. These three writers opened up the world of science fiction to me. Other famous writers have had their influence, such as; Stephen King and James Herbert with their many horror stories, and the well-known Frank Herbert. Numerous other works have had a massive impact on my life as well, and are too numerous to include.

I was also too young to see the initial release of Star Trek, but as time marched on I became a real fan, and at one time owned every video released. That collection included the Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager. I also saw the release of Star Wars, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, E.T., and many other amazing movies.

During my half century I have been fortunate to have travelled to, and lived in, many places around the world. My youth was spent in a variety of cities, and then included a stint in the outback. My family moved to Tasmania for a few years, then England, then back to Tasmania. Next we moved to Queensland, then down to New South Wales, where my family settled in Sydney.

I stayed in Sydney until 2001, and began my adventures in America. Over the course of that time I have been fortunate to have travelled the length and breadth of this fine country, doing over 120,000 miles as I crisscrossed the landscape. I have also ridden a motorbike to, and across, many iconic locations around America, notching up in excess of 50,000 miles on two different motorbikes. I currently reside near the shores of Lake Michigan, in a small town called Manistee.

In 2010 I started realizing my dream of writing a science fiction series. I literally looked in the mirror one day and saw my father's face, the one he had not too many years before he died, and realized that I probably have fewer days ahead of me than behind. At that moment it dawned on me that I should either write, or forget about it as a life's goal. With the 2012 release of First Contact, book one of the Terran Chronicles Universe, my dream became a reality.

Since then I have added three more novels, and six short stories. My current work is a spin off story called Mamluk, which should be ready soon enough. This will bring my total published word count to a half a million words!

On a person note, I have two children from my first wife, and one grandchild, all living in Sydney. I am proud of my children, and all they have done. My son is a personal trainer, and an avid athlete, while my daughter is a stay at home mum. Here in America I have a step daughter who lives in New York. She is an amazing artist and cartoonist.

The future is an unknown mystery to me. I do know that I will continue writing, no matter what else transpires. Those who know me well, know that I am falling behind my planned schedule for good reason. I do promise all of my fans and followers that although the words are mere trickles at the moment, they will flow once more soon enough. Not only do I plan to complete and release Mamluk in in the near future, but I expect to be able to release 'Voknor Diaries', book five of the Terran Chronicles Universe, at the end of this year. The accompanying short story, 'Sharz Affect' should release at the same time or shortly thereafter. In an effort to maximize my limited writing time, I have decided to resort to quarterly blogs this year.

With that being said, I hope all of you are having a wonderful start to 2016. My only piece of advice is to follow your dreams! Failing to succeed is nothing, when compared to the regret of failing to try in the first place.


Take it easy mates.

James Jackson