Tue 14 April 2015

April is a special month to me

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Reflecting in the month of April

terran chronicles universe blogThe month begins with a volley of 'April fool's' jokes. Some of these puns are extremely witty and well thought out, others not so much. But rest assured, between Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and all the other social media that exists, we will get to see many of these practical jokes get played out. I rarely create any April fool's hoaxes, but who knows what the future holds.

In the Southern Hemisphere, April marks the beginning of Autumn, or Fall as it is better known in America. Conversely, for the Northern Hemisphere,

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Sun 05 August 2012

Why revise an eBook that's released?

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Write or Re-write? That is the question?

terran chronicles universe blogThere are a number of thoughts on this matter. One concept, is that the book should be left alone, as it reflects the skill level at the time of release. Another is that any and all errors should be corrected. Somewhere in between exists reality.

For the Terran Chronicles saga we have expanded the team to include a finishing editor. Thus we have a storyline editor, a group of test readers and now this finishing editor. After I finish writing there are eight people that review my work. For my first book, 'First Contact',

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Wed 06 June 2012

e-Book Reviews and Ratings - Taking the hard knocks?

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We all love those glowing reviews and five star ratings, especially when delivered from strangers. Our efforts are vindicated and we celebrate.

terran chronicles universe blogThe four star reviews we take with equal enthusiasm, four is close to five, right?. We are still happy and elated. Now we get to the two and three star review area where comments are made knocking some aspect of our story we have worked so hard on. Well the fact is we all think a little differently and reading is all about interpretation and impression.

For example I could write, "Joe was feeling fine on this cool

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