Tue 10 November 2015

Read, Rate, and Review

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Author Feedback and the importance of Reviews

terran chronicles universe blog Reviews are an integral, and often important, part of most people's purchasing decisions. In the past, we would ask friends and family for their opinions on various things. These days, with the explosion of the internet phenomenon, we are able to get the thoughts and opinions of more people, sometimes a lot more people.

Massive companies spend vast amounts of time, effort, and energy, in capturing these reviews, so as to inform their customers that not only do they think their products they are selling are

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Fri 07 September 2012

Why Write a Free Ebook?

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Considering writing an eBook and giving it away?  Make sure you have a plan.

terran chronicles universe blogThere are many reader audiences; science fiction, drama, horror, fantasy, romance novels, and the latest fad, which has even been described as, ‘mommy porn’. We as writers, find our own niche and do what we do best, write.

The idea of spending many hours laboring over a story, then giving it away, can be a tough one to get around. I suggest thinking long and hard over doing this. Make sure there is an underlying marketing plan involved before giving away an eBook, no matter how

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Sun 05 August 2012

Why revise an eBook that's released?

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Write or Re-write? That is the question?

terran chronicles universe blogThere are a number of thoughts on this matter. One concept, is that the book should be left alone, as it reflects the skill level at the time of release. Another is that any and all errors should be corrected. Somewhere in between exists reality.

For the Terran Chronicles saga we have expanded the team to include a finishing editor. Thus we have a storyline editor, a group of test readers and now this finishing editor. After I finish writing there are eight people that review my work. For my first book, 'First Contact',

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