Tue 10 November 2015

Read, Rate, and Review

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Author Feedback and the importance of Reviews

terran chronicles universe blog Reviews are an integral, and often important, part of most people's purchasing decisions. In the past, we would ask friends and family for their opinions on various things. These days, with the explosion of the internet phenomenon, we are able to get the thoughts and opinions of more people, sometimes a lot more people.

Massive companies spend vast amounts of time, effort, and energy, in capturing these reviews, so as to inform their customers that not only do they think their products they are selling are great, so do thousands of others. Amazon is one of these companies, and their eBook Kindle program is world leading.

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Tue 14 April 2015

April is a special month to me

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Reflecting in the month of April

terran chronicles universe blogThe month begins with a volley of 'April fool's' jokes. Some of these puns are extremely witty and well thought out, others not so much. But rest assured, between Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and all the other social media that exists, we will get to see many of these practical jokes get played out. I rarely create any April fool's hoaxes, but who knows what the future holds.

In the Southern Hemisphere, April marks the beginning of Autumn, or Fall as it is better known in America. Conversely, for the Northern Hemisphere, April marks the end of Winter, and return to warmer weather. I relish these warmer days as I get to ride my motorbike along the scenic roadways of Northern Michigan.

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Wed 09 July 2014

Social Media Friendships. Online Gaming, Facebook, Twitter, Linked, and more

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Are social media friends, friends...  I think so.

terran chronicles universe blogMany years ago my wife and I started playing World of Warcraft, a game we played for almost seven years. Over the course of these years we became good friends with a number of other players. We used Ventrilo, a voice chat program, in order to communicate with each other as we played. Roll forward ten years, and even though I have not meet these people face to face, thanks to our many chatting sessions and the phenomenon that Facebook has become, I feel as though I know many of these people extremely well.

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Fri 01 November 2013

Friends, Family, and Social Media - Pros, and Cons

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The explosion of Social Media and keeping up.

terran chronicles universe blog

With the explosion of social media, and the advent of applications like Facebook, Skype, Pinterest, Twitter, and more, distance is no longer a barrier to communication. Not too many years ago, the only way to keep in touch with family and friends, was via letters, now often referred to as 'snail mail'. Email filled in the gap for a few years, but that too, is fading as a preferred means of keeping in touch.

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Wed 24 October 2012

What's this Social Media thing about anyway?

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Using social media to expand your contact with like minded people and those interested in your work.

terran chronicles universe blog

Social media is a very important tool when it comes to promoting your work and the work of others. This not only applies to writers, and artists, but to anyone that is trying to let the world know they exist. This month I am going to touch base on the three most common social media outlets of Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Though there are many more outlets, such as the Amazon author page, for now I will just focus on these three which offer a world of

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