Wed 14 March 2018

TeamTerran is busy

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Three new books in the making

terran chronicles universe blog This year promises to be a crazy year for us. As the new year rolled past, we set a few expectations, and made plans to turn these into reality. Writing is a fluid thing, and seems to have a mind of its own as creativity ebbs and flows.

We have organized this year's writing projects into a list.


‘America – At a Crossroads’

America at a Crossroads - New Novel by James Jackson

This is a short work, around 14,000 words, and my first political piece, other than a few blogs here and there. The story starts by discussing who rules the masses, then delves into a brief historical overview, followed by a section on America. It ends with a section that is both serious, and satirical all at once, called ‘If I were King for a Day’.

We expect to be releasing this work in April, after the public helps us select a book cover.

A brief excerpt

The Second Amendment clearly states, ‘…the right of the people to keep and bear arms…’

These words are not open to interpretation and are quite clear. So, the question is not whether the people can have weapons, the question is more deeply rooted into what constitutes a person with rights within America.


‘Augmented Reality’

At just over 50,000 words, this sci-fi story delves into a post-apocalyptic future, where things are not as they seem. Joe, the main character, learns the truth of his existence, and is then thrust into a world he never dreamed possible. The story moves at a quick pace as Joe travels to new places and meets new people, until his final and greatest surprise of them all.

This story will be released to Amazon’s Kindle Scout Program some time in May or June, after which time, well, we will have to wait and see.


Joe nods as he walks toward a huge window, through which they can see the airport. The tarmac below shimmers in the sunlight, while the concrete runways stretch off to the left and right. A large passenger plane is parked, connected to an out of sight airport lounge by a jetway. A small yellow vehicle pulls a convoy of carts, each loaded with luggage.

Joe feels a chill run up his spine as the scene outside instantly changes. He gulps as he tries to remain calm. The jetway is in tatters, with sections of canvas blowing in the wind. The concrete runways are full of craters, with grass and shrubs growing from vast cracks. The biggest shock though, is the plane. It is rusted, with one wing broken, and though still partially connected to the fuselage, its tip rests on the tarmac. Dirt and debris hangs out of its ruined engines, while nearby, the small yellow vehicle, and its carts, rests, rusted and abandoned. He looks back at the airport lounge, and finds it looks almost exactly the same, as does the auto-cop which stands where it did before.

‘Eclipse 2024 – Extinction’

Another 50,000 words story destined for Amazon’s Kindle Scout Program.


The meteor’s dense surface is pitted with scars from impacts with lesser fortunate objects. It has been travelling safely through the vastness of space for countless eons, having traversed half the galaxy, before today. A planet stands in its path, one with an atmosphere and white clouds which fill its skies. Blue oceans cover much of its surface, while lush jungles and sparse deserts occupy the rest.

The meteor heats up and rolls as it skims the atmosphere, slowing down. The friction warms its hollow interior, waking the force inside which has been long dormant. It becomes aware of its surroundings, its prison, and spins in an enraged frenzy. It feeds ravenously on the energy which seeps inside, but is unable to extend its reach beyond the meteor’s casing. It thrashes about in frustration, hoping to get revenge on its captors, unaware of the ages which have passed during its dormancy or the vast distance it has traversed.

“When we found this tunnel, it was partially filled with mud, rocks, and bones.” Jerry states with his hands on his hips, “It took our crews six months to excavate, and document each body. There were twenty-seven of them. It appears as though they died filling in the passage, were left where they fell, and buried in the wall.”

“Yes, yes, yes.” Harold replies, annoyed at not having properly read Jerry’s reports, He deflects by asking, “Well, you guys are the experts. Figure out a way to open it.”

“You don’t understand,” Jerry states in frustration, “The doorway was never meant to be opened! The only way to get to it, to even try, is to break the capstone away from it.”

The native runs through the forest with practiced ease, his arms pumping rhythmically at his sides. Xan had abandoned his spear long ago; its weight was slowing his progress. He paces himself, as he has done all day, yet his breathing is becoming labored as he pushes himself. Despite this, and the rivulets of sweat which run down his tiring body, he still maintains a fast stride. Behind him, the screams of the slower members of the warrior party are cut short as they die horribly.


Terran Chronicles Universe

Rest assured Book 6 - "Remnants" of the Terran Chronicles Universe (Series 2) is progressing well This work should be published early in 2019.

Wordcount: 15k covering the full story outline and plot points


Barbara sighs as she says, “If only we could look back in time, to see what happened to the Picaroon.” Walker stares out the window, then feels an odd chill as he notices the obsolete radio telescope. He points to the top of the mountain ridge as he states, “Andrews Radio Telescope!”

Barbara frowns, confused, then says, “I thought we decided that it was to be shut down.”

“Yes, yes,” Walker replies, then presses, “but, by its very nature it can only detect slow old signals!”

“Oh my!” Barbara replies, “All we have to do is point it in the direction of where we know the Picaroon operated in, and see if we can pick up anything.”


Take it easy mates.

James Jackson